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Current rates AEGON

All mortgage interest rates of AEGON.



Loan to value ratio / risk class  
Variable 5.47%5.50%5.61%5.77%5.91% Request a quote
1-year fixed 4.26%4.33%4.46%4.61% Request a quote
2-year fixed 4.24%4.26%4.33%4.46%4.61% Request a quote
3-year fixed 3.69%3.71%3.82%3.93%4.10% Request a quote
5-year fixed 3.69%3.71%3.82%3.93%4.10% Request a quote
6-year fixed 3.90%4.10%4.16%4.27%4.41% Request a quote
7-year fixed 3.90%4.10%4.16%4.27%4.41% Request a quote
10-year fixed 3.90%4.10%4.16%4.27%4.41% Request a quote
12-year fixed 4.00%4.12%4.21%4.28%4.51% Request a quote
15-year fixed 4.00%4.12%4.21%4.28%4.51% Request a quote
17-year fixed 4.06%4.08%4.16%4.23%4.37% Request a quote
20-year fixed 4.06%4.08%4.16%4.23%4.37% Request a quote
25-year fixed 4.25%4.34%4.42%4.47%4.55% Request a quote
30-year fixed 4.19%4.25%4.26%4.37%4.54% Request a quote

Considering an Aegon Mortgage? Discover your options for buying a house in the Netherlands.

An Aegon mortgage

Aegon, formed through the merger of AGO and ENNIA in 1983, has become the second largest insurer in the Netherlands. With a history dating back to 1844, Aegon is renowned not only for its insurance services but also for its mortgage offerings. If you are contemplating an Aegon mortgage, we invite you to explore the benefits and features it provides. Calculate your Aegon mortgage and review the current interest rates for various fixed-interest periods to make an informed decision.

Aegon Mortgage Products

Aegon offers a range of mortgage types tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer a standard annuity, linear or an interest-only mortgage, Aegon has options to suit your needs. Notably, Aegon stands out for its highly competitive mortgage rates, particularly for long fixed-interest periods ranging from 15 to 30 years.

Calculate, Close, or Refinance

Utilize our online calculator to determine your maximum mortgage amount. If the amount, conditions, and current interest rate of an Aegon mortgage excite you, whether you wish to transfer an existing mortgage or apply for a first or second mortgage, our dedicated mortgage advisers are ready to assist you. Let us thoroughly evaluate whether an Aegon mortgage is the most advantageous option for your specific situation.

More about Aegon

Aegon traces its roots back to Memento Mori, established in 1844. Over the centuries, numerous funeral and widows’ funds, life insurers, non-life insurers, and other institutions merged to form the Aegon we know today. While Aegon is widely recognized as an insurer and mortgage provider, it has also made a significant impact in the world of sports. For more than 30 years, Aegon has been closely associated with and the main sponsor of the Royal Dutch Skating Association (KNSB). Furthermore, Aegon actively supports rowing and various other sports. Perhaps Aegon’s commitment to sports provides an additional reason to consider an Aegon mortgage, reflecting their dedication and reliability.

Make an informed Decision

When embarking on your home-buying journey in the Netherlands, Aegon offers a wealth of mortgage options and a trusted reputation. Take advantage of our resources, including the mortgage calculator and the opportunity to consult with our experienced mortgage advisers. Choose an Aegon mortgage with confidence, knowing you have a reputable partner committed to helping you realize your homeownership goals.

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