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Argenta interest rates

Market value NHG 60% 80% 90% 100%
Variable 1.51%1.46%1.71%2.01%2.01% Get quote
1-year fixed 0.79%0.99%1.04%1.29%1.29% Get quote
3-year fixed 0.84%1.04%1.09%1.34%1.34% Get quote
5-year fixed 0.89%1.09%1.14%1.39%1.39% Get quote
6-year fixed 0.89%1.09%1.14%1.39%1.39% Get quote
7-year fixed 0.89%1.09%1.14%1.39%1.39% Get quote
10-year fixed 0.94%1.14%1.19%1.44%1.44% Get quote
12-year fixed 1.09%1.29%1.34%1.59%1.59% Get quote
15-year fixed 1.19%1.39%1.44%1.69%1.69% Get quote
17-year fixed 1.24%1.44%1.49%1.74%1.74% Get quote
20-year fixed 1.29%1.49%1.54%1.79%1.79% Get quote
25-year fixed 1.44%1.64%1.69%1.94%1.94% Get quote
30-year fixed 1.49%1.69%1.74%1.99%1.99% Get quote

The rates listed above are valid for a limited period of time; no rights can be derived from this list.

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