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Current rates Merius Hypotheken

All mortgage interest rates of Merius Hypotheken.

Merius Hypotheken


Loan to value ratio / risk class  
1-year fixed 5.20%5.05%5.10%5.15%5.20% Request a quote
5-year fixed 4.50%4.50%4.55%4.65%4.70% Request a quote
10-year fixed 4.40%4.40%4.50%4.60%4.73% Request a quote
15-year fixed 4.45%4.50%4.60%4.70%4.75% Request a quote
20-year fixed 4.50%4.55%4.65%4.75%4.80% Request a quote
25-year fixed 4.56%4.70%4.75%4.80%4.90% Request a quote
30-year fixed 4.60%4.75%4.80%4.85%4.95% Request a quote

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